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About me

I’m a graphic designer working as a free-lancer from 1981. I’ve been teaching at the St-Lucas Art College from 1983. From 1989 till 1995 I’ve worked as an employee with Apple Computer Europe in Paris, France. From 1993 till 1995 I ran the ‘Digital Design Looks Nice’ studio in Paris, doing work for Apple Europe, Ziff-Davis Europe, SmithKline Beecham France and others. Since 1996 I’m working free-lance from Mortsel Oude God, Belgium and the studio is called ‘re: e-media’.


I’m teaching at the St-Lucas Art College as well as at the Institute of Design, Lahti, Finland and Aalto University, Helsinki. Until 2005 I also gave lectures at the Plantin Genootschap, Antwerp (Museum Plantin-Moretus). The main project I'm working on since 2004 is the Experimental Media Research Group (EMRG). This group is developing "NodeBox" an open source program to make design through code. For four years we have been working on the release of NodeBox 3 which will lower the programming threshold by adding a graphical node layer or using language.

Work extracts

You can find a selection here or go to the portfolio section where you can find all.